Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal (Tushy/Thinx/Daybreaker)

Episode Notes

Twin-sister serial entrepreneurs Miki and Radha Agrawal change lives world-wide with their brands Tushy, Thinx, and Daybreaker.

Slice, the first gluten-free pizza place in New York (later the successful franchise, WILD), Thinx, the period underwear for women, Daybreaker, starting people's days with an alcohol-free rave, and Tushy, the portable bidet helping you properly clean your bum: the Agrawal sisters have already done so much for people around the world, and there is no sign of stopping.

On this final episode of the "Life Cast," we discuss their journey, the struggles of moving to New York, quitting Wall Street, company take-overs, parenthood, and so much more!

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